Everybody’s doin’ the fish yeah! yeah! yeah!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, is the title of the fourth book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The title is referenced by @Mike_Laverick in his blog post announcing he’d be joining @VMware, ending his independent run as RTFM-uk (even as that site was purchased by TechTarget in 2010). Besides following his chinwags and reading his books, I met Mike in 2009 when he came to San Diego VMUG to talk SRM. At the same event I spoke on behalf of my then employer about our experience deploying Teradici endpoint devices as part of our VDI deployment using VMware View.

We’ve all had chance to read more than a handful of such “Dear John” blog posts recently. It’s the nature our industry, call it “vendor gobble” or churn or just good people rising to the opportunity and making the leap. Regardless of how you label it, the community is constantly in flux, as folks change employers/roles, blogs go stale, slow down or change focus, as do podcasts and other contributions by community members. As some members step away from their “duties” it opens ups space for others who are able to pick up the torch and run a bit, hopefully filling the void and keeping the whole group moving forward.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d introduce this, my blog with another Fish reference…

Everybody’s doin’ the fish yeah! yeah! yeah!
It’s not so bad being trendy everyone who looks like me is my friend!

Those lines come from the track, Trendy, by the 90’s ska band Reel Big Fish — (Give the video below a listen as you read the rest of this post.)

The references to trendiness in the song’s lyrics are presented in an ironic tone, as is the topic of “selling out” in another of their tracks that I mention below. In many ways, I have felt that beginning YAVB, “yet another virtualization blog” is something trendy. There are already so many great blogs and other resources out there.

At this year’s VMworld US  in San Francisco during the Ask the Experts vBloggers discussion session(# VSP1504 ) the question of, “What motivates you to blog?” came up.
The panel consisted of 5 of (arguably) the most prominent voices in virtualization blogoSphere:
Scott Lowe , EMC Corporation
Frank Denneman , VMware, Inc.
Chad Sakac , EMC Corporation
Duncan Epping , VMware, Inc.
Rick Scherer , EMC Corporation

Chad jokingly threw out that it’s actually a “Napoleon power trip thing” for him (We all knew he was totally joking! Yeah, totally… 😉 )

Scott Lowe addressed the topic of potentially being labeled as a “Sell out” when one goes from being wholly on the user/customer side to becoming a vendor/partner.

There were other points of discussion that I won’t rehash here, but just the fact that we have access to such a great panel at a conference like VMworld says mountains about the VMware community, who we are and what we do. Some of these guys are considered “Rock Starts” by many (ok, most) and yet they are some of the most approachable and open people I’ve met. This sense of contribution to the community comes through on their blogs and that’s what keeps people coming back as readers.

Why Fish here?

everybody does it… and they wonder why don’t you!

So, me not wanting to be “trendy,” I also don’t want you to think that I’m a hipster either… Blogging was not something I wanted to do until I felt I was able to really make a valuable contribution to the community. I’d like to use this space to share my own experience as an IT professional, discussing my own journey of joining, being embraced by and now (hopefully in some way) contributing to the Virtualization Community.
That said, what’s going to be said here… we’ll see, hopefully some good stuff. That’s what I can tell you for now.

In the meantime, I invite you to…

Sell out with me… and everything’s gonna be all right!

How about you, Why do you blog? Are you one of those stale blogs, why haven’t you been back? Let me know in the comments…

You made it this far, enjoy some Ska & remember when we were all younger and wiser.


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