Scheduled my #VCAP DCA exam at #VMworld 2013 in SFO #VMware #Certifications #vExpert

A quick post:

It was announced that at VMworld San Francisco VMware Certification Exams are 75% off the regular price.

This means the VCAP DCA, regular price of $400 is just $100. At that price, if you’re already attending VMworld and you’ve been studying, I think it’s well worth your time to commit to sitting the exam at the event. (If you need to, use this as yet another way to convince your boss to send you).

I have been preparing for the exam and plan to be at VMworld again this year so, I went ahead and scheduled my VCAP DCA for the first available time slot on Sunday the 25th. I plan to arrive on Saturday and I want to get the exam out of the way… whatever the results.

I commented about this on a post that +Angelo Luciani made in the vExpert G+ community.

+Todd Lewey mentioned that he had no luck signing up using the link that was advertised.

As I also had the same problem, I thought I quickly show you what I did to register.

 Ends up, if you follow the link from the announcement announced you end up at either:  or
neither of which do you much good except to grab the promo codes. Image

Hopefully +John Mark Troyer knows who to tell at VMware EdServices or Pearson VUE so they can fix it.

UPDATE: The awesome team @VMwareEducation has fixed the page(s) mentioned here.

Until that gets taken care of, there’s at least one simple way I found around this small problem that allows you to use the disco code(s).

Here’s what I did:

To register I went through the ‘regular’ Pearson VUE site:

Once I signed in & chose Schedule Exams,

For test center location search for United States, San Francisco, California

It shows two facilities:

Check the one that says “VMWorld 2013 San Francisco – Conf Attendees Only”


Dates available for the exams are Sun 25- thru Thurs. 29th.

Start times appear  to be between 10am & 1:45pm each day, though this may vary depending on the length of the exam you’re taking.


Once you select your appointment, you’re presented with the payment screen.

This is where the promo code makes the magic ‘cha-ching’ sound.

Remember it’s not a Voucher… but a Promo Code.

Enter it and click Apply Promo Code to watch the Total Due fall by 75%.


Curiously, in doing this write up I went back to the site to grab screenshots. In doing so I chose the VCAP DCD the second time and punched in the promo code only to see this:


Now, I’m not that crazy, I definitely don’t plan on sitting both the VCAP DCA & the VCAP DCD in the same day or week (or even month!) … but if you were that ambitious, I guess you’d end up having to pay full price for at least one of the exams. I assume that’s the intention, though it may simply be an oversight in the promo redemption process, which is why I thought I’d point it out.

Okey doke, so back to reviewing vBrownbag & TrainSignal content for me.

How about you, are you planning to take an exam at VMworld? Lemme know in the comments or on twitter: @kylemurley


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